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The Different Sports Betting Odds Formats

When getting into sports betting, you will most likely be visiting a lot of sportsbooks before you find one that you will like. And since online sports betting is a fast-growing industry, you will most likely encounter various bookie software from different countries or those who cater to different betting markets.

And when you look at different sportsbook pay per head sites, you will notice that the odds format is different from each other. Often, you will see decimal odds, although fractional odds are also popular in other countries. What exactly does this mean, and how does this affect the value of your bets?


Sports Betting Odds Formats

The answer to this question, is formats vary, and do not change the value of your wagers. They are just displayed differently, and winnings are shown differently. Of course, every sportsbook will offer different odds and lines, which change regularly. Some offer good value, but some may be questionable and may be under observation from a sportsbook watchdog or two.

But getting back to the formats, you have two basic formats. Decimal and Fractional Odds. The Decimal odds has your stake included in your winnings. It will be displayed like 2/1, where $1 at 3.0 will give you a return of $3. You get this by multiplying your stake with the decimal odds displayed. The answer will be your return.

Fractional Odds, in the meantime, is the more traditional way of displaying odds and look like 2/1. This basically means that for every $1 you bet, you will win $2. There are other formats as well, such as the American Format, which is popularly known as the moneyline. This is displayed with a + sign (underdog) and a – sign (favorite). So if you see -200, it means that your $10 bet will give you a $15. Of course, there are other formats that you will see in other countries, or in other wager types, like the Over-Under. But these formats are the most common that you will find in most sportsbooks, so make sure that you understand the different formats well when making bets. But the best online sportsbooks will have automatic settings to display the odds in the format you prefer, so that your betting options will be displayed just how you like it. 

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