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Using Multiple Sportsbooks is a Winning Strategy

Using Multiple Sportsbooks is a Winning StrategyIt’s essential that if you’re looking to profit on sports betting, you need to be strategic. You’re not going to make money from sports betting by being a fool. One of the best ways you can be the complete opposite of a fool involves exploiting the major advantage you have as a bettor: You can bet anywhere you want, and you can bet any number you want.

This is an important distinction from the bookmaker who creates the line.


Using this logic, we can strategically outsmart the bookmakers by making them give us a bet, and again, you have the luxury of choosing the bet.

It sounds obvious, but in truth, there is a deeper strategy here that most “square” bettors would otherwise overlook.

Here’s why using multiple sportsbooks is a winning strategy.

Get the Best Odds

One of the most important concepts of sports betting is getting the best number. This means two different things.

For one, if you’re getting the best odds on a bet, you’re not overpaying for a wager. This means if you like a favorite, and one book is selling the bet at -200 whereas another has it as -185, you’re getting a 15 cent discount on another bet.

This is essential to realize as you bet bigger because if you’re betting $20,000 or $18,500, $1,500 can make all the difference in the world if you lose.

This is very important as well, on the other hand. If you can bet a dog at +200 in one spot or +175 at another place, a $1,000 wager could go from $2,000 or $1,750, depending on the number you bet.

See why this matters?

Plain and simple: You’re getting the best odds possible. Some lines move differently because they’re getting different action. Books are offering lines at different prices to ensure they attract different bettors.

Remember, it’s a marketplace. If you don’t like the price one bookmaker is selling, fine. Don’t buy, and go somewhere else. 

Hunt for Middles

What is a middle? In sports betting, a middle is when you get two bets that can hit at the same time.

What do we mean?

Imagine betting Team A, a -3.5 favorite, on the moneyline against Team B. In addition to your -160 moneyline bet on Team A, let’s say you also have a +3.5 bet on Team B.

Team A wins 21 - 18 over Team B. This means that you won your spread bet on Team B and your ML bet on team A.

This is a textbook middle.

If you use multiple online sportsbooks, you can find opportunities to middle. This is perfect for sports like basketball or football, where points on the spread really matter.

And remember, it’s good etiquette to not flaunt your middling in people’s faces, but for the most part, any sportsbook will take your action regardless of whether you have an account at a competing sportsbook. When looking for another sportsbook, consider one that offers gambler’s insurance.

These are secrets that will ensure you can get the best discount possible, and most importantly, win more bets.

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