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Gamblers Insurance: What It Is And How It Works

Gamblers Insurance: What It Is And How It Works Gambling affords players unlimited action … until they lose, of course. But luckily, a cold streak or one big loss doesn't have to take you out of the fight.

Here's where gambler's insurance comes into play.

America’s Bookie Offers Gambler’s Insurance on Your Betting Loses

No, it's not the kind of insurance you can order from a 1-800 number, but if you're a client at any reputable book, they should offer you some sort of gambler's insurance. With a better understanding of how gambler's insurance works and how to take advantage of it, you'll spend more time enjoying the action and less time sitting on the sidelines.

What is Gambler's Insurance?

As the name suggests, gambler's insurance is there for you in an emergency, so to speak. In simplest terms, it's a percentage paid back to a player who loses either a portion of their bankroll, or in most cases, their entire bankroll altogether.


And some books even calculate as a percentage paid back on net losses. Need a better explanation? Here, read this below.

Without Gambler's Insurance

Picture this: You deposit $1,000 into your book for a championship game at the start of April. That hotshot, upstart Cinderella team goes on a crazy run in the tourney, and they're getting 10.5 points. You take them and the points, dropping the entire bankroll on the bet.

Like clockwork, this upstart team runs into trouble, gets crushed, and loses by 20. Not only did the clock strike midnight on Cinderella, but it also struck midnight on your bankroll. The loss burns so badly, you don't play again for the rest of April.

Sports Betting - Selectivity Can Be Your Best Friend

So at the end of the monthly period, you start May without $1,000 and absolutely no consolation whatsoever.

With Gambler's Insurance

Now let's pretend we ran through that exact scenario above, but instead of being insurance-less, you're getting 10% back on your net losses on a month-to-month basis; in essence, you have gambler's insurance. 

Since you ended the month of April with a net loss of $1,000, the 10% paid back to you in gambler's insurance would amount to $100. Most books provide gambler's insurance in the form of a free play.

This means that if you were to wager your $100 free play on an even-money line, you would get back $100 in "real" cash, as the principal free play amount cannot be cashed out.

Still not seeing the advantage of gambler's insurance? Here's why it can be a timely benefit.

Why Choose a Book With Gambler's Insurance?

Sportsbooks that offer gambler's insurance allow players, especially those with larger bankrolls, to "stay in the fight." Rather than having to reload, even if it's just a 10% reimbursement, gambler's insurance can ensure you stay in the action without having to make a deposit.

Gambler's insurance is also a great sign that a book is solvent and willing to reward its loyal players, especially those that go through tough streaks. No matter how great of a capper you may be, you will run into those inevitable losing streaks, and gambler's insurance can go a long way in easing the blow.

Find a Sportsbook That Offers Gambler's Insurance

Ready to experience the joy of gambler's insurance for yourself? Here at, we have a wide assortment of reputable online sportsbooks that offer gambler's insurance. Click here to explore the top U.S.-friendly sportsbooks with gambler's insurance!

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