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gambling tutorialsGambling Tutorials publishes gambling tutorials on various gaming activities, including sports betting, casino gaming, and more. We provide gambling tips and strategies that can help improve your profits in the long run. 

Our online gambling tutorials are free for everyone. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to players across the globe. Aside from guides on how to gamble, we also have tips for sportsbook operators whho want to find the right bookie pay per head softawre for their operations. Also, we have bookie tutorials that can help optimize the profitability of online sportsbooks.

We have online gambling tutorials for beginners and advanced players. You can find easy-to-follow guides based on your skill level. Check out the tutorials on the page and become a better player today!

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Bookie Tutorial on How to Bet with Ethereum

Bookie Tutorial on How to Bet with Ethereum More businesses accept cryptocurrencies worldwide. Thus, many bookies are accepting digital assets as a form of payment. Find out how you can bet with Ethereum with our tutorial.

If you want to wager on sports using Ethereum, you first need to open an account with a bookie. The registration process includes registering for an account, making a deposit, and placing a wager.

Although we mentioned a simplified process, there are some steps in between. For instance, you might receive a deposit or welcome bonus. Also, some bookies might require you to provide some form of ID. It would take some time before bookies go through the documents and approve your registration.

Bet with Ethereum

On the other hand, a pay per head bookie using cryptocurrencies might not require any personal ID. However, they might still need your birthdate and email. Players opt for crypto bookies because they offer anonymity. Also, they provide a quick registration process and instant payments.

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What Keeps Players Betting at Online Sportsbooks?

What Keeps Players Betting at Online Sportsbooks?The online sportsbook industry in the US continues to grow, and it is growing in many ways. New operators continue to enter the market, but the biggest names have also become better options.

These online sportsbooks continue to grow because customers continue coming back to them to bet. There are a number of reasons why this happens, and it has nothing to do with the success rate.

Here are some of the top reasons that players keep coming back to online sportsbooks.

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Real bookies out there

The time has come for you to make your bookie dreams come true! Being a bookmaker or running your very own sportsbook was only a dream for many years, it was something that was basically unreachable for the common person, it would require many thousands of dollars invested, time, effort and even a bit of chance, just to be able to get something up and running, much less any guarantee of success.

However, with Price per Head things really came to change, and now things are a lot different, and anyone in the world has a real shot at this.

There are thousands of real bookies out there, running a successful operation, giving their players a real world-class sport betting experience, providing every single tool and service that a big, corporate sportsbook was the only one able to provide a few years ago, and all for the lowest investment and the lowest risk possible.

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Free Ways to Promote Bookie Business Using Facebook

promote bookie business for freeIf you need to extend your reach, boost engagement, and increase your income, you need to promote bookie business. Using social media is a significant part of the business. It is the most popular technique to communicate with existing and potential players.

Promoting the sportsbook may sound overwhelming, yet it’s simple. We provide you ways to promote your bookie pay per head business without spending a lot of money.

Promote Bookie Business for Free

The first thing you need to do is create a Facebook page. Facebook remains the most popular social media site in the world. At present, it has more than two billion users each month. Having a Facebook page increases brand awareness and helps people distinguish the brand right away.

The next step is to join Facebook groups using your bookie business page. You’ll find like-minded people in Groups. Also, they share relevant info within the group. You can use groups to learn, network, and express opinions about sports betting, sportsbook reviews, and more.

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Reviews You Should Be Looking On

You may be wondering which pay-per-head company is best for your business. As an agent, you probably are hoping to balance out the price with the quality of service that you get from a pay-per-head company. To help you find the best company for your needs, this article will help you see why Real Bookies is the best pay-per-head company for your business and go over pay per head reviews.

To start with, like Real Bookies, Host PPH offers racebook, sportsbook, and casino betting. Both companies offer mobile betting and various other services. However, at Real Bookies, it’s only 10 to 15 dollars per head whereas at Host PPH it’s 20 or more dollars. This amount of money per head adds up to a large sum of cash in the long run. As a result, it's important to be money conscious.

Another company that offers pay per head services is BettorsNet. This company is, on the surface, a match to Real Bookies services. The price per head may seem slightly lower than Real Bookies. However, this is misleading. When you look closer, you will see the cheaper option BettorsNet offers is much less comprehensive than Real Bookies' cheapest option. So, you may be saving some money, but you would be losing out on a more in-depth package. As you can see, Real Bookies is a better value for the same cost.

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Bookie Guide to Social Media Advertising

You like it or hate it, but there’s no denying that social media is an excellent platform to showcase your brand and develop awareness among new audiences. Thus, we created a bookie guide to social media advertising.

social media advertisingThere are more than 3 billion social media users today. Thus, it is an attractive platform to market your sportsbook. You can customize your social ad strategy based on your bookie goals, such as increasing brand awareness, collecting user info, or attracting new players.

According to pay per head bookie experts, social media advertising can bring many benefits to the sportsbook. However, it can eat up valuable resources if you mismanage them. Also, it would be best if you focused on targeting your customer base.

Guide to Social Media Advertising

One advantage of using social media advertising is that you get consistent results from the first day the sports betting site is live. Also, you could attract new players right away. According to, you get positive revenue from the advertising method and pay off with each player who signs up.

There are different types of social media platforms, which are social networking, microblogging, photo sharing, and video sharing. You’ll get the best value out of your advertising budget when you invest ad money on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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How to Predict Scores in Soccer Betting

How to Predict Scores in Soccer BettingEvery player wants to know the secret on how to predict scores in soccer betting. If you are looking for expert sports betting tutorials, then you are on the right page. You can easily bet on Correct Score wagers after reading this sports betting guide.

To predict soccer scores, you need to learn a mathematical concept known as Poisson Distribution. It can help predict the outcomes by converting historical average data. Here’s an example to help you visualize the idea.

If Team A scores an average of 1.7 goals per game, then inputting the data into the distribution formula would give the results:

  • Team A scores 0 goals 18 percent of the time
  • Team A scores one goal 31 percent of the time
  • Team A scores two goals 26 percent of the time
  • Team A scores three goals 15 percent of the time.

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    Sports Betting Tutorials

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